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Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management Services

We provide strategic solutions to our private equity clients to optimize investor value by addressing challenges faced by them in managing the operational, strategic and financial aspects of the investee company. We have service and sector specialists to cater to each portfolio.

Portfolio Management Services

  • Tracking and collecting information from and about the market, potential targets, investee company and promoters
  • Scheduling regular meetings with management of investee and investor companies
  • Attending board meetings as a nominee or alternate director or observer.
  • Monitoring their operational and financial performance
  • Analysing and reporting variances with budgeted of investee company(IC).
  • Checking relevant statutory compliance the companies are subject to.
  • Recommend the most suitable plan of action.
  • Delivering scheduled reports as agreed upon in terms of engagement.
  • Identifying exit opportunities.
  • Documentation

Strategic advice, Independent project monitoring & Value enhancement

  • Understanding the very nature of each investment and the shades thereof.
  • Frequent and periodic update of market situations, regulatory changes, new policy enhancements to help formulate new strategies for value enhancement.
  • Monitoring project progress to ensure timely delivery and avoiding cost overruns
  • Sales MIS and cognizance of any differences
  • Comparison of budgets and actual incurred
  • Present all alternatives to the IC / board for taking informed decisions based on prevalent situations

Setting up, improvising finance function

  • Developing the finance and accounting systems for our investors' portfolio companies, in line with the existing and future requirements.
  • We define, develop, create and improvise finance functions, keeping in mind the cost benefit and practical aspects of getting things done

Dispute resolution & litigation management

  • We have legal experts on board to provide informed advice on resolution mechanism and legal recourse and litigation management with minimal external support.
  • Team members are experienced in sorting disputes through stakeholder meeting and transparent and timely communication.

Exit advice & maximization of investor returns

  • Arrange and structure promoter buy backs, third party strategic sales, listings and IPOs, mergers and other exit routes to optimize value of investors and shareholders.


Forensics professionals can assist you with preventive fraud risk assessments to avoid and remedy fraud risks, and reactive fraud risk responses to secure your interests and reputation.

Our professionals have extensive investigations experience and are supported by a network of independent investigators, to perform independent third party checks, comprising various backgrounds: former police investigators, compliance officers, criminologists, and IT specialists. We focus on a wide variety of problems and offer relevant services to assist you in matters such as: